Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art, graduated 2017

Design intern, Swift Co., Portland, Or — summer 2012, summer 2013, summer 2014

I worked as a design intern for three summers at a digital agency called Swift Co. in Portland, Oregon. At this job I worked in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and worked closely with junior and senior designers in the company. We designed for a variety of clients, focusing on content for their social media. 

Stylist assistant, Swift Co., Portland, Or — summer 2015

Summer 2015 I worked at Swift Co. in Portland, OR as a stylist assistant on photoshoots. My job included choosing and finding props for photoshoots, as well as being on set and helping out the team in various ways during shoots. I worked closely with the stylist and photographer in order to achieve work that resembled what the designers originally envisioned as closely as possible.